I think that Razer is using the same 50mm drivers as the basis for all of their headsets now, so it’s just down to which connectivity style, headband style, and ear pad style you want. The Thresher Tournament combines the Man O War ear pads with their suspension headband, for example.

Sound-wise, my experience with Razer’s current headsets is that they more or less all follow the same signature profile, so you should just go with the one that has the features you personally want.

Are you on a PC? Do you hate your current sound card? If so, then you’d benefit from one of Razer’s USB models, like the 7.1 V2. Razer includes decent sound hardware in their USB headsets, and those also have their best microphones.

Otherwise, honestly, any of the models you’ve chosen will work great for gaming. None of them are bad. So just get the one you like the most! I’d probably personally go with the Kraken Pro V2 with Oval Ear Cups, but I wouldn’t be upset with any of them. The Kraken is the cheapest(and I’m always looking for a deal), and I like that Razer’s padding has channels that fit around my glasses. Plus, they’ll work with those cooling ear cups you like the look of if you want to get them in the future. The only downside to the Kraken is that their large cups kind of stick out, but if you’re okay with that you should be fine!

I’m sorry I can’t speak more to the quality of the Thresher as I’ve never tried one out. They’re on my list for sometime this year though!

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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