Thanks for reading, and for your replies!

It really sounds to me like you’ll prefer the Audio-Technica sound signature over the Beyerdynamics.

The Beyers are just a touch lower in the vocal area compared to Audio-Technica’s house sound, and although I personally prefer their bass, treble and soundstage… I’m not sure that you will, from what you’ve said.

Plus, it sounds like portability is a concern…and even though the DT770 32 Ohm is more portable…it’s still not going to match any of AT’s models.

That pricing sounds rough though. $219 for an MSR7 is not bad…but $199 for an M50X is quite high!

The SR6BT provides the same sound as the MSR7 in a slightly smaller wireless package, and it can operate in wired or wireless mode. Here in the US it goes for $199, which I personally think is a touch high. The new DSR7BT offers Audio-Technica’s latest driver…but it comes with a premium price and is only wireless.

Both of these companies are a bit behind the curve when it comes to affordable/modern wireless options, honestly. Sennheiser is crushing them in this department with the 4.40 BT and 4.50 BT…but I’m guessing you wouldn’t like how those sound.

Since you already know for sure that you like the AT sound, the SR6BT is the model I’d start with. If you are still curious about the DT770…I’d buy it from a place with a good return policy, in case you hate the sound!

I hope that helps you out! Buying from a place with a return policy is a good general rule for sound gear, since it’s based so much on personal opinion.

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