Well, *all* of those have sound performance that I’d say is in the realm of neutral, but slightly tuned for gaming. So you’re going to get great shooter performance with any of them, with some bass emphasis and a little bump in the upper range for footsteps.

It’s a great crop of headsets and I wouldn’t be sad owning any of them.

As to surround sound, that’s achieved through software ultimately, no matter what pair of headphones you use (barring a couple of weird exceptions like the Razer Tiamat). And you can use Windows Sonic for free in Windows 10, if that’s the platform you’re on.

The Kraken V2 7.1 has Razer Surroud Pro built into it, which is normally $20 to buy. And I don’t really like the USB sound card that comes with the Cloud II, but some other folks love it.

Is there one in particular that appeals to you? I’m not joking when I say you could pick one at random and probably be happy.

The Kraken has a more balanced sound than any other Razer product, with nice ear pads, especially if you get the one that comes with the oval pads.

The two Logitech models have the exact same drivers and nigh-identical sounds. It’s nice that the 533 is wireless, so if you want wireless then that’s the best choice on your list.

The Cloud 2 does a good job of mimicking the DT770 for less money. It has a slightly grainy sound with a resonant deep bass. The Cloud Alpha is like a tightened up version of this, with very clean highs and solid bass, and a sound that would probably please audiophiles the most.

So if you really pushed me to say which one sounded the best, it’d be the Alpha. But that’s within a few percentage points and very subjective.

Does one have visual look that appeals to you most? Go with that one! Does one have a feature like wireless or a retractable mic you need? Go for it!

Seriously, you’d be happy with any of these, and trying to pick which one is “best” without me living inside your head is like trying to choose between the proverbial apple and orange.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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