The Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio is the exact same headphone, just rebranded with a different name as an exclusive model for Guitar Center stores in the US.


Beyerdynamic has made a few different models with custom branding just for Guitar Center, thanks to a long-running marketing deal with the chain. They’re not special or different in any meaningful way outside the name and the nameplates on the headphones.

Although the DT770 has received a couple of tiny cosmetic changes, and gets a new box design every few years…it’s essentially the same pair of headphones that’s been around since 81.

The driver designs and basic tuning haven’t changed that much outside the introduction of different coil thicknesses for the different ohm versions. Beyerdynamic sometimes uses different damping material and retention rings inside their headphones over the years…but this post is a far better resource for that than me.

You could buy modern Beyerdynamic replacement parts and jam them into a DT770 from the 90’s and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. They haven’t put any new tech into them over the years, really.

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