I’d personally pick the Cloud Alpha or the Custom Game. I think they’re both the comfiest.

The Custom Game probably wins that comparison, by a hair, at least for me. The bass sliders will let you tweak the sound signature on the fly. The easily-replaceable pads mean you could get 770 pads if you want velour instead. And you could eventually pick up a standard cable so you could use them as regular headphones, too, without the boom mic sticking out.

Both of them are in the same ballpark sound quality wise, so if the “Custom” features don’t appeal to you, then the Alpha is still great!

Now I’ll say why I didn’t pick the other ones.

The Arctis Pro works best connected to the GameDAC, and it has slightly smaller cushions and ear openings than the two above. So it’s not quite as comfy. Also, you mentioned enjoying the bass level of the Alphas, and the Arctis Pro is just slightly below that thanks to its hybrid cloth/leatherette ear pads.

The DT990’s are nice, but since they’re open they’re not as versatile and they’ll bother anyone around you. If you’re always in a quiet area, then consider them a good third pick.

The Custom One Pro Plus is nearly identical to the Custom Game, but it has different faceplates and comes with standard cables minus the boom mic. So there’s no real reason to consider it if you’d find that microphone useful.

Sony recently discontinued the MDR-1A in favor of the 1AM2. I don’t think the new version is as good. It’s okay in a vacuum, but not as comfy as the originals and the sound signature is quite a bit different. Consider the Takstar Pro 82 instead if you’re still interested in this model. It has largely the same design, and adjustable bass.

Hope that helped you out! Thanks so much for reading. I know it’s a crazy amount of info to sort through. I am frequently overwhelmed and have to take a break hahaha.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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