Goodbye Astro A20, Hello Nintendo Switch!

Get ready for some “timely” Switch coverage!

UPDATE: It turns out this is now a known bug, and if it hasn’t been fixed in firmware, this Youtube video shows ways to reset the headset and get it going again. Yay!

I enjoyed the Astro A20 headset. I used it and reviewed it, and decided it was worthy of a place in my permanent collection for its fun bass and excellent microphone.

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And then this morning, it died.

I don’t mean that it broke a little bit.

I mean it 100 percent stopped working out of the blue.

I was using them like normal, and I switched them off at the end of a game. Then I packed up all my stuff to come write at the coffee shop. When I pulled them out again…the power button did nothing. Not even plugging them in to USB power would turn them on like they’re supposed to, so I know it wasn’t the button… they were just done.

So I returned them, and rather than exchanging them for a new pair…I bought one of the Nintendo Switches the Best Buy happened to have in-stock.

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It’s. About. Time.

I have wanted to get one of these for 7 months. I have pined over various trailers.

But now I finally have the thing. And it’s great.

I love the speed and simplicity of it. I love the portable aspect even though it’s kind of horrifying to walk out of the room with a console.

I love all the fun noises the menu makes.

I’m playing Fire Emblem Warriors right now and plan to do extensive coverage and a review this week because I love Dynasty Warriors games so much.

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