GodFall is Finally on Xbox Consoles

Another case of terrible timing?

Alex Rowe
6 min readApr 12, 2022


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It wasn’t enough that the weirdly great and hilarious SOPFFO launched against Elden Ring I guess, because now it has another badly timed action RPG friend to keep it company.

The launch of the PS5 had high profile first party exclusives like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls, and then up against those heavy hitters it also had GodFall. Developed by Counterplay Games (a remote work development team made of game industry veterans) and published by Gearbox, GodFall is an action RPG/loot game that combines an accessible take on the timing-based combat of the Souls franchise with tons of randomized gear.

That’s an awful lot like the basic description of SOPFFO and Nioh as well, but GodFall stands apart from those thanks to its beautiful technical and aesthetic qualities. It’s an eye-searingly gorgeous game with state-of-the-art Unreal Engine powered visuals. It takes only one look at the game’s graphics to know if you’ll be enchanted by its intensity. I can totally see the case for calling it “garish,” but I personally think it’s a wonderful example of what current games can look like with the right hardware.

When it came out, I tried running it on my GTX 1070-powered PC…and I struggled. I couldn’t push it much past 1080p and medium settings at best, and performance wasn’t smooth.

In the time since its launch, the game has seen numerous optimization updates on both the PC and PlayStation consoles. It now has built-in support for AMD’s FSR scaling system, giving it better performance across a wider variety of PC hardware. A PS4 port came out last year that managed to run okay, though it didn’t achieve the visual splendor of the “bigger” versions. As of late last week, it’s available on Xbox consoles for the first time, and is also on Steam if you’re a PC gamer who didn’t want the Epic Store version.

Screenshot taken by the author.

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