Gal Gun Made Me Buy a New Mouse

Wireless Mice are Better than Wired Mice?

Okay. So as of this writing, Gal Gun Double Peace is on sale on Steam for ten bucks. It’s the sequel to Gal Gun.

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What’s Gal Gun you ask?

It’s…it’s a weird Japanese lightgun/rail shooter game where you are cursed, and then these anime ladies chase you, and you have to shoot them with a pheromone gun so they go away. Also there are demons and weird bunny people and sometimes you have to set off a love bomb and…


It has a reputation for being lewd, and although it is pretty suggestive, it’s also really silly, doofy, and fun.

My current mouse is the Logitech G Pro. I bought it and reviewed it early this year, and it’s the first wired mouse I’ve owned in about half a decade. It’s really good.

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However, since it’s wired, that means there’s a wire coming out of it all the time. The wire goes over the edge of my stupid keyboard tray. I don’t play a lot of hardcore shooters that require fast large flicking motions. In fact, since buying this mouse, I’ve mostly only played Diablo III and Bejeweled Blitz with it…so I didn’t really notice the friction of the wire against my keyboard tray.

Then I played Gal Gun.

So I was hiding in this equipment room next to the gym with a lady demon hunter. We were hunting a demon. The lady was mad at me for being there, and started yelling, but then the demon noticed, so the lady had to pretend to be a cat. But that didn’t work out and the demon ran away. So then, the lady demon hunter leapt out the window but got stuck because it was small…so I had to make a bunch of quick mousing gestures to push her out the window.

Gal Gun is pretty good.

It requires a surprising amount of mousing accuracy, not just in the window-pushing scene but all throughout its classic-arcade-inspired lightgun levels. I was whipping the mouse around constantly. And every now and then, I’d feel and hear a weird noise/sensation.

“What’s going on? Is something wrong with my mouse oh it’s the cord!”

The cord was bashing and scraping repeatedly into the keyboard tray, sending vibrations into the mouse. I got down in there and inspected the tray, and discovered a small notch at the back from wired mice I used in days of yore. I’ve had the desk for a long time.

Suddenly, I understood why shooter fans like to use wireless mice or mouse bungees. Since I use a stupid keyboard tray, I have no room for a mouse bungee, so it’s time to welcome the Logitech G703 into the fold, which I’ll be reviewing later this week.

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That’s right, I’m that guy you know you bought a new mouse to play the anime lady light gun thing better.

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