Far Cry 5 Looks Great! And it’s probably already making people mad.

Ubisoft put out some trailers for next year’s Far Cry 5 this morning.

It looks very good. The character work in particular is amazing, and it seems like the scope of the game is much larger. Here’s the main trailer, and one of the character highlight trailers, in case you haven’t seen them.

The only thing disappointing about this is that the game isn’t out till next February.

Look at how amazingly real her hair looks! Wow!

Far Cry 5, like earlier entries in the series, appears to be marrying some light social commentary to the common video game concepts of running around a big world shooting and collecting things.

As I have been in the past, I am okay with this.

The touchy issue this time is that the game is set in the US, in a state that’s had…a rough week in the current news cycle. I bet this is already making some folks mad.

But I’m not going to worry about it prematurely. If Ubisoft’s past stories in this franchise are any indication, it’ll hopefully be abstracted just enough to bring up issues without stepping on any specific toes. There’s always enough of a fantastical, fictional layer on top of everything that I’ve never been overtly offended by their content.

And I’m actually glad that a big shooter franchise is consistently trying to be about more than just killing aliens, demons, or Nazis. As much fun as those things can be.

The game is set in a fictional county and centers around a fictional religious cult. And you’re playing as a cop. So I don’t doubt that the story will push some sensitive buttons. But I also think, if they pull it off, it could be a fascinating piece of fiction.

Of course, the new features coming to the game sound fun too. There’s a character creator now. You can fly planes around, which probably means the scope of the world is much larger than the last few games…which were already quite big. The whole experience is designed to be more open, and it’ll have full co-op as well.

I’m excited for Far Cry 5, and I hope it doesn’t get buried in speculation about how controversial its story might be.

Which it probably already is.

I want big budget video games to have the room to explore possibly controversial topics. It’s great to see the art of storytelling in games advance, and although Far Cry hasn’t always been the most nuanced, it’s still leagues beyond 80 percent of what else is out there. All the while managing to ultimately be about explosions and treasure chests. That’s a tough line to walk, and I’ve always enjoyed the way Far Cry has walked it.

Except for in Far Cry 1. You know, the game where you’re a guy in a Hawaiian shirt who shoots some dudes and weird creatures on an island? That game is completely ridiculous…and it didn’t age well at all.

Please click the heart if you liked this! Thanks! Since I’ve got to wait till February for this, it’s time for me to go replay 2 and 3, and finally finish 4 and Primal…

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