Far Cry 5 is made for Streamers

I mean look at this mic bundle

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In my continuing quest to make content out of pictures I’ve taken inside a Best Buy (see part one here), I came across this piece of marketing weirdness and just had to talk about it for a bit.

Far Cry 5 is an undisputed huge success.

Even though I have problems with its core design, and was able to see more or less everything the game had to offer in its first five hours…there’s no denying that it’s a beautiful, fun-to-play action game with plenty of exciting moments.

In fact, those exciting moments happen so frequently that several people have mentioned it feels like a game made for the age of constant online video streaming.

The game is a complete chaos factory. In spite of its serene Montana landscapes, its cute little streams and breathtaking forests…there’s simply no time to stand there and take it all in. At every moment, things are running out of the woods and trying to attack you or explode. It probably took a lot of work.

And it was probably all made to make Twitch streams look better.

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“A man working on a computer while wearing red laser colored headphones” by Mark Cruz on Unsplash

I didn’t know how right that was until I saw this mic bundle.

The mic pictured is a Blue Yeti microphone, a totally fine and good condenser mic with a USB connection for desktop use. It’s become one of the most popular mics in the streaming and podcasting space for good reason.

I think they’ve done game bundles before…but I’ve never seen microphone packaging that looked so much like a video game box.

It’s typical to see game consoles or controllers produced for specific games…but a microphone? That’s an impressive piece of marketing. And considering the price of the game on its own…this is actually a really good deal.


The cynic in me says that this bundle was created to appeal to those who were interested in the game and also want to live the dream of becoming internet famous overnight, and bam, suddenly you’ve made them pay $139 for a $60 game.

Becoming a famous streamer out of nowhere is statistically difficult, and with the glut of content out there, it’s a tremendous uphill battle. Something I’ve had no personal experience with, at all.

You might think to yourself “well you could use a mic for other things, like in-game chat or audio production…” and that’s true. But if you were interested in those things before Far Cry 5 existed, you’ve probably already purchased a microphone…and I bet you didn’t get a free copy of a game with it.

Of course, if you need both these things it’s a great deal. And thankfully, the microphone isn’t plastered with Far Cry 5 logos.

Actually, you know what? If this were a big dumb red, white, and blue microphone with a giant Far Cry 5 logo on it, I would almost understand it more. It would be a goofy prop that even existing streamers who already own a mic could buy to use solely in their FC5 vids, and they could have a whole collection of microphones on a shelf with different game logos on them.

We’re only one step away from that world.

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