Dynasty Warriors 9 is Finally in a Shippable State

Only one month after launch! >.>

Dynasty Warriors 9 got a big patch about a week ago on PS4 and PC, and yesterday on Xbox One.

It’s now finally in the technical state I would have expected it to be in at launch.

Which was over a month ago.

Video games.

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When DW9 first came out, when fans weren’t busy yelling about all of its mechanical changes, they were yelling about its framerate.

Unlike the mechanics differences, which different players might love or hate…the framerate was pretty bad. The game struggled on all three platforms, with the Xbox One X looking the best but performing the worst.

Happily, things have finally improved.

On my PS4 slim, the game now runs more or less locked at 30FPS in the Action Mode, and it seems like Vsync has been enabled. On PC, the game has much less of a struggle maintaining 60FPS performance on decent hardware. And on Xbox One X, the game now finally stays in the realm of 30–40 FPS all the time, only still noticeably dropping below that during the heaviest battles.

It’s a dramatic and easily-noticed improvement, and if the game had launched with this level of performance, people would have complained about occasional drops instead of just saying “it’s a nightmare.”

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Until this patch, enemy archers almost never did anything. They’d kind of hang out on these towers, surveying the land, and never actually fire any arrows.

Now, that’s all changed. The archers actually do stuff! What a concept! They’ll rain arrows upon you as you try to take over camps and fortresses, and you’re forced to actually deal with them now.

It’s nice of this mechanic to show up to the party.

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You can now earn books that let you respec your stats by fighting the super high level enemies that roam the woods and hills. It’s kind of crazy that a stat-heavy action RPG thing launched in 2018 without any kind of respec option…but no wait this is a Dynasty Warriors game, so never mind.


A bunch of quests that were broken actually work now.

The troop movement system has been overhauled, and the friendly troops are better at fighting the massive wars that constitute the entirety of the game. As a result, it’s much easier to notice the dynamic territory capture system actually changing, as the AI troops push back and forth for control of the land.

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I had stalled out in my absurd quest to get all 90 endings in Dynasty Warriors 9, but now I’m right back on- board. These changes are all things that probably should have been in the game at launch…not three patches and weeks after launch.

But that’s just how video games work now, I guess.

At least the game sold well enough that they could get it into this decently-functional state. If the game never got another patch and just got DLC from now on…well, that wouldn’t be the most amazing thing in the world. It’s still got some performance issues, and I still wish the graphics settings on consoles made more sense.

But it’s now at a bare minimum acceptable state tech wise, so if you can deal with some frame drops here and there, it’s much easier to recommend than it was in its lurching initial form.

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