Closed Headphones Vs. Open Headphones — Which One Is Better?

Stock photograph of a lady wearing headphones!

Sound Quality

Do you like bass? Then the odds are good that open headphones are never going to do it for you.


The one area where open headphones win big is soundstage…which is basically the sense of how far away the sound is from the sides of your head. Since there’s nothing behind the drivers, the sound can leak out into your environment, and this gives it a more natural feel to your ears.


If you take away one thing from this article, take this:


Open headphones often don’t heat your ears up as much as closed headphones, so that can help if you’re in a hot environment. But beyond that, comfort is determined by build and pad quality, and not really by whether or not the backs are opened or closed.

Final Thoughts

Closed headphones have more/better bass. You can use them portably without disturbing your neighbors. You can use them at home, too. They have an intimate soundstage and sometimes have cup resonances, but many models even on the lower end of the price spectrum overcome these issues.

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I listened to Meghan Trainor’s Title(Deluxe Edition) while writing this article, using 250 Ohm DT770 Pros. In case you were wondering.



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