Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones Review: The hidden gem of Bose’s Lineup!


The Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones retail for $129. They come in Android and iOS flavors, and although they used to have a couple colors, now only the black model is available. They’re a fully-sealing in-ear headphone, using Bose’s patented “StayHear Ultra” tips.

Sound Quality

The SoundTrue Ultras provide the most balanced, impressive sound I’ve ever heard out of a Bose headphone product.


I don’t usually like the feel of in-ear monitors/sealing earphones. Traditionally, you jam a silicon tip into your ear canal to create the seal, which allows for proper response. Sometimes it’s hard to get a good seal, and other times the whole thing can feel a bit oppressive to your sensitive ears.

These tips are a big part of the appeal here


Isolation is exceptional on the SoundTrue Ultras, making them quite suitable to loud environments and a touch frightening to wear on a walk outside. The QC20 and QC30 use a similar ear tip and add active noise cancelling into the mix. I haven’t heard those models for myself yet, but I would imagine the silence to be downright amazing if the passive isolation here is any indication.


Design is basic, with a barrel design for the ear capsules. This makes them stick out a little bit from the backs of your ears, and they might also gently rub the bowl of your outer ear. They don’t stick out so much that they’re obnoxious, but it’s not the sleekest look.

Extra Features

You get a nice little cloth and leatherette case in the box.

The case is pretty nice, and super tiny!

Final Thoughts

The SoundTrue Ultras are a great pair of earphones, and worthy of being the last product to carry the SoundTrue branding. Bose nailed it with these, and they’re worth every penny of their $129 price tag. Heck, I was happy when I paid $149 at their launch.

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