Bose Adds Adjustable ANC to the QC35

Hopefully the firmware nightmare for the QuietComfort 35 is over. And now, users get extra features to boot.

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There’s been a long debate in the Bose community about firmware updates degrading the quality of the ANC, the sound, or both. My personal pair didn’t seem to suffer from this problem, and from what I’ve read online it didn’t affect everyone.

Which only made the debate more intense.

Now, Bose has released a brand new firmware update that adds adjustable ANC levels! This is a feature that people have asked for in Bose ANC headphones for years now, and something that recently rolled out on the QC30 in-ears. It’s nice to see it come to the bigger model.

I’ve received a report from a user that this fixed their problem-afflicted headphones, also! So hopefully, this will calm the long debate.

This also brings the feature set of the QC35 one step closer to the monster list of features in the MDR-1000X…although it’s still a bit behind. Still, it’s nice to see the inclusion.

Another classy move by Bose!

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