Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32 Ohm Review — A more Portable-Friendly DT770?


Originally released in 2012 as a special limited edition pair to celebrate Beyerdynamic’s 88th anniversary, the ~$175 DT770 Pro 32 Ohm version joined the permanent main lineup in 2015.

Like other versions of the DT770 Pro, the ear cups are made out of a glorious textured plastic that seems super durable and reminds me of my childhood.


Beyerdynamic tunes the DT770 Pro’s to the Diffuse Field response curve.


You won’t need a special amp for the 32 ohm version. They should be powered fine out of just about anything.


The 32 ohm DT770 Pro’s use Beyerdynamic’s “SoftTouch” leatherette pads instead of their trademark velour pads.

There’s plenty of room in here for your ears, and they’re quite cushy!


The other DT770 Pro’s have great isolation, and these isolate a little bit better! Woo! That seems to be the one major effect of their leatherette pads. The slight losses in comfort and ear sweatiness are made up for with a couple more decibels of isolation.



Unlike the other DT770 Pros, the 32 ohm model features a shorter cable that makes it great for portable/walking around use. The cable isn’t detachable, and that’s literally the only complaint I could possibly lob at these.

Final Thoughts

So basically, this is a DT770 Pro with a shorter cable, an easier to power set of drivers, and leatherette ear pads that isolate a little bit better. The ear pads are just a bit sweatier and more noticeable than the velour ones.

Since I’ve bought all the DT770 Pro models now, this will be the last DT770 Pro love- fest that I write.

I mean, there’s no way I would ever buy the DT770 M. That would just be silly. I’m not a drummer and I don’t front-of-house monitor. Well, that is to say, I haven’t done that kind of monitoring for a few years and I’ll probably never do it again right? Right?


I’m also interested in the 1770's but not sure I’d ever pay that much for headphones. Plus they don’t have the textured plastic. Guys why am I still writing this review goodbye!

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