Beats are like, the *kings* of Warm Headphones

I’m sorry, but a small peak in the upper mids that only appears on raw uncompensated measurements does not make them v-shaped in my world.

Like, at all.

I would never and will never call them v-shaped, personally.

They have far too little treble for me to slap that label on them, even though I think what treble they present is much cleaner than in the older generations. And in fact, I’d sooner call them balanced over warm than ever slap v-shaped on them.

A lot of people use v-shaped as a quick and easy derogatory term, but some of my personal favorite-sounding headphones have a slightly v-shaped response to them, the DT770's.

Beats products have a hilarious amount of smooth powerful bass as their most prominent and impressive sound feature, and that’s hard to debate.

And honestly that’s perfect for a consumer-leaning headphone. Most people don’t need the treble response of a 7506 or an MSR7 for their daily listening.

You don’t have to take my word for it either. I wouldn’t expect you to. I’m an unpaid amateur.

Innerfidelity, before it changed into a lifestyle blog, was one of the most consistent sources of quality measurements. And Rtings, the new leaders in the measurements game, have similar findings.

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(From )

I don’t even think that their generally warm sound is bad. If I have to listen to a warm headphone, I’ll happily listen to some Solo 3’s, or some Bose QC35’s.

If Beats are a v-shaped headphone in your world, Vinsens, I’d love to hear what you think sound like!

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That’s my personal standard for what v-shaped is. Treble that blasts your ears is a must.

Or maybe even a Takstar Pro 80. Itself not that far off my beloved 770's.

Look at that huge dip and spike there in the treble! And the slightly uneven mids!

And neither has near as much powerful bass as the Solo 3’s do.

A lot of this is subjective, so I thought I’d explain where I stand and why I call Beats warm headphones.

Thanks though for singing up for a Medium account just to lob a one-sentence comment at a two year old article without adding any thoughtful discussion, I really appreciate the boost to my traffic and the excuse to write a reply!

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