“Apple Turned My Little Table Into A Nightmare of Cables” — The Sheer Madness of Apple Dongles

  • USB- C to USB dongle. Apple is so concerned with design and ease of use they thought we might like some dongles to look at and touch.
  • My SoundBlaster E1 headphone DAC/Amp combo. I tried to do this yesterday, but I forgot the amp so I didn’t get very far.
  • HRM-5 headphones and cable.
  • Random Micro USB cable from my pile o’ USB cables. I’ve received so many free cables in boxes of various products that I don’t even know where I got half of them.

Removing features in the name of progress is not progress.

Steve Jobs figured out he could do this sort of nonsense a long time ago by just telling people it was progress, and then smiling like he’d just discovered the moon. Charming man! By locking down their ecosystem and removing user choice, Apple can do whatever they want and then just say “Take it, or leave it…but then you risk being uncool and lame.”



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Alex Rowe

Alex Rowe

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