Apple Has Made the Worst Monitor

Think Stupidly

Alex Rowe


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A little over a year ago, I imposed a ban on myself and promised to never talk about Apple products here on Medium again after they had a little issue with using tons of illegal child labor.

However, they’ve done something so ridiculous that I’m temporarily lifting the moratorium. If you thought moves like the removal of the iPhone headphone jack or the forced inclusion of the touch bar into higher end MacBooks were bad…you haven’t seen anything yet.

Apple products always carry a price premium. They’re luxury goods carefully disguised as innovative technology, sold with the slickest marketing on the planet. Sometimes the tech underneath the gloss is genuinely forward-thinking (as is the case with their recent M1 processor family) but other times it’s just someone else’s gear dressed up with a higher price tag and some brazen consumer unfriendliness.

Nothing better exemplifies that second stance than the new Apple Studio Display, a 27-inch 5K monitor with a starting price of $1599 (almost as much as the highest-priced iMac). Before I even get into my rant, that price is several hundred dollars above the MSRP of competing screens like this 5K model from LG…who may also be the manufacturing partner making the IPS panels inside this new Apple display.

Now, Apple hasn’t totally skimped on their special brand of extras with this new monitor. At first, you might think you’re getting something for your extra money. But really, it’s all there so you won’t see the face slap coming. It has an integrated web cam and A13 chip inside, which allows the screen itself to process images for video calls. It also has plenty of IO thanks to 3 USB-C ports and a Thunderbolt port. It has enough power delivery to fast charge your MacBook while you’re using it with the display.

You’d expect these sorts of extras for the huge price…but what you wouldn’t expect are some design fumbles so big they should never have made it past the first in-house meetings. The stand is permanently attached, meaning you’ll need to choose whether or not you want to use this display with a VESA mounting arm before you’ve even bought it and then you’re stuck with that choice forever; there’s no changing the stand out post-purchase. You get a super basic tilt mount…