Am I the *only* writer that’s not collecting email addresses?


Everyone has an electronic mailing list except for me.

Am I making a terrible mistake?


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This came up when I searched Pexels for “Email.” Look at this hilarious nonsense. That doesn’t seem like a useful messaging app.

Most of the successful writers I follow online are always asking for my email address…presumably so they can then send me emails.

“I’m just trying to read your new content I — “


“Hey wait now I just want to —”


“Yes, I’ve seen it and I —”


I don’t ever put my email into the little box, so I don’t know what they send out. Newsletters, advertisements, links to their articles I already get by following them, perhaps?

This is what I presume is going on.

But maybe, in not participating in this mass collection of emails and newsletter creation, I’m screwing up my own writing career?

These are the questions that keep me awake at night. That, and not sleeping.

Well, you got here somehow. And I guarantee it’s not because I have your email. I promise. Unless I know you personally. In which case hello person I know!

But I still didn’t send you an email about this article about emails.

I don’t want to solicit people’s contact info. I’m not sure people would even pay attention to what I put inside an email newsletter. Perhaps there’s a whole demographic of people out there who love to meticulously read emails that I’m missing out on.

But I don’t think they exist.

You probably don’t read your emails, unless they’re from someone you know.

I guess I could try to make my hypothetical newsletter look like a personal email, but that would be kinda scummy.

Any time I put into writing an email newsletter is time I can’t spend writing quality content like this.

So what do you think? Should I be trying to grab your email address from you at the end of every article? Or at the beginning? Is this some way of the future using old technology that I’ve somehow just missed? Will it magically bring me lots of money and baby goats?

I don’t really need any baby goats. But they are cute.

Let’s see what Pexels comes up with if I type in “Baby Goat”…

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That’s definitely not a goat.

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