A Tale of Two Broken Mic Plugs

How bad quality control ruined my Turtle Beach Elite Pro experience.

This was supposed to be a gushing review of the $199 Turtle Beach Elite Pro wired gaming headset. Yes, that’s a lot of money for a wired gaming headset, but the Elite Pro has so many other things going for it.

But then this happened. Twice.

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This poorly- shot photo shows you what an obviously-defective removable mic plug looks like. The plug end is installed perfectly straight into the base…but the actual metal has been machined at an angle.

So, when I tried to plug it into the headset port, it wouldn’t go.

When I got my first pair, I thought “this is obviously broken, and I should return it!” So I did. Best Buy was very understanding. They agreed with me that it was very obviously defective and did an exchange, no problem.

Then the second one had the same exact issue.

“Hmm,” I thought. “Maybe… maybe it’s supposed to be like this?” I awkwardly jammed the plug into the mic hole on the headset and it sort of went in.

But the whole thing felt very wrong.

Turns out it’s not supposed to be like that at all, as a cursory Google search of Turtle Beach’s web site and several unboxing videos clearly demonstrated to me.

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These drivers sound *so good*, you guys. Turtle Beach trusted their tuning so much they barely even covered them up.

So I returned it again, and I’m writing this now instead of finishing my review.

I won’t be telling you in detail about how amazingly balanced the 50mm drivers are. I won’t be telling you about how the gel-filled ear pads are some of the most comfortable and isolating I’ve ever used in my life. I won’t be telling you about how the glasses strain relief totally works, or how the adjustable headband isn’t just a gimmick. I won’t be telling you about how the rest of the headset that isn’t the mic is built and designed like a tank that should last you for years.

Instead I’m writing a stupid article about how I got two broken mic plugs in a row. Am I saying this will absolutely happen to you? Not at all! I know that things sometimes slip through quality control, and that warranties and return policies exist for a reason.


On a $200 premium wired headset, consumers probably shouldn’t have to go into the purchase thinking, “The mic plug might be broken.”

When I got one bad plug that wasn’t so bad, and was well within normal bounds for this kind of stuff.

When I got two in a row…that’s problematic.

Thank goodness Best Buy was understanding about this. I’ve now had two adventures with defective Turtle Beach products in a row. Think I’ll take a break from them for a while.

For a big headset/headphone fan like me, this was completely heartbreaking. I found a new favorite, and then a tiny detail ruined it.

Please click the clap button if you liked this. I’ll…I’ll probably try buying these again down the road if they ever go on sale, because I loved so much about them.

But for now they’re dead to me.

You can find my personal site at www.worldbolding.com. I’m not even going to repost this there because I need to move on, haha.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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