Buying plastic things isn’t an artistic pursuit

No one needs more than one pair of nice-sounding headphones. Yet that didn’t stop me from buying and selling dozens of them over the last six years and justifying it by flexing my writing skills reviewing them online. …

A shocking blend of price and performance

The Razer Kaira family launched alongside the Xbox Series consoles in the fall of 2020. It initially featured two models that were both designed to connect wirelessly to Xbox consoles. It represented Razer’s first big push to get Xbox gamers to pay attention to their brand.

I had the chance…

It’s not yet worth its high asking price

The excellent action RPG Grim Dawn finally launched on Xbox last month, several years after the initial announcement of the port and five years after its launch on the PC platform.

Unfortunately, it makes a bad first impression. The opening cutscene video is extremely compressed, with large blocky artifacts easily…

Microsoft’s budget console is so close to perfection

I’ve owned Microsoft’s “budget” next-gen console, the Xbox Series S, for just over a year now. It’s an awesome performer for the price, but the more time I spend with it, the more I notice the things that they had to cut in order to hit the $299 price point.

Will the new wireless model earn your money?

I’m challenging myself to use the HyperX Cloud Alpha as my main audio listening device for the next thirty days, until February 5th. It’s still one of the best $99 headsets you can buy, and I think it’s the only wired model HyperX should be selling at that price point.

A perfect choice for vocals

Neat Microphones rolled out an overhaul of their entire mic lineup over the last few months, showcasing new industrial designs and improved audio performance.

I’ve already had the pleasure of checking out the Skyline and the phenomenal Bumblebee II, both USB-based microphones designed to bridge the gap between the home…

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