You can’t escape this company if you buy a gaming mouse

All of the above mice market themselves proudly as having their own optical sensors, the incredible little cameras that let your mouse track your hand movements.

The SteelSeries models use the TrueMove Air and TrueMove+. The Roccat Kone Pro uses the Owl-Eye. Razer has both their 5G Optical and Focus+…

Here’s some info about their full new lineups

In a year that was dominated by delays, development challenges, and chip shortages, Turtle Beach, Roccat, and Neat Microphones had an impressive year. They all launched a number of new products that are great contenders for a permanent home on your gaming or work desk.

Turtle Beach not only shook…

My favorite releases ranked by price

In spite of all the development challenges and supply shortages brought on by the pandemic, it was still a surprising year for gaming headsets. New technologies appeared. Old favorites got upgrades. And some companies started taking their environmental impact much more seriously.

Here are my favorite headsets released this year…

Professional design for all content creators

Neat Microphones has announced the Bumblebee II USB microphone, a $99 product targeting content creators, steamers, and gamers with a sleek design that should fit into any setup. It’ll be launching on December 12th.

Like the new Skyline model I reviewed recently, the Bumblebee II blends Neat’s years of professional…

Filling in a tiny gap

This past summer, Logitech launched the G335, which was a slimmed down wired version of the wireless G733. Now, they’ve shoved the wireless innards back into the G335 to produce the G535, a $129 headset that has good performance and fills in a small hole in their pricing structure.


My favorite new releases and some honorable mentions

The gaming mouse market is constantly evolving. New sensor technologies, lightweight frames, wireless advancements, and the race for the fastest click latency have pushed mice in all sorts of exciting directions. 2021 had plenty of new releases that moved the proverbial bar even further. …

The headset I’ve wanted since 2017

In mid-October, I was browsing the Best Buy web site clicking on gaming headset listings, as I’m prone to do. The site’s algorithm popped up a product I’d never heard of in the “recommended” list: the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless. I got excited. …

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